At Divine Child Elementary School, student achievement is measured regularly by teacher observation of daily work and teacher-made and standardized testing. Progress reports are sent home midway through each quarter; report cards are issued at the end of each quarter. Standards based grading appears on the report card for students in grades K-5 in English Language Arts and Math courses. In 4th through 8th grade, parents and students have real-time progress reports through Powerschool.

Honor Roll: Any student in 5th through 8th grade who achieve a report card of all A’s, and B’s, including effort/conduct and in all weekly classes, merit Honor Roll status for that particular grading period.

Conferences: Parent-teacher conferences are encouraged and can be scheduled with the teacher before or after school hours. In first and second quarter, conferences are on scheduled days.

CYO/Activity Eligibility: Students must earn a 2.0 grade point average and satisfactory conduct in order to be eligible at the time of registration to participate in the CYO sports program and/or all extracurricular activities. Special class grades are tabulated in the grade point average.

Academic Grading

Standards Based Grading

For Grades K-5

  • 4: Advanced Understanding
  • 3: Consistent Understanding
  • 2: Partial Understanding
  • 1: Minimal Understanding
  • Blank: Not Covered

Effort/Conduct Grading

For Grades K-8

  • A: Excellent
  • B: Very Good
  • C: Average
  • D: Needs Improvement
  • F: Failing