Teachers at Divine Child Elementary school use a wide variety of technology resources to deepen and enrich students’ learning experiences. The curriculum at Divine Child Elementary School integrates the use of technology; every classroom is equipped with multiple state-of-the art resources for individual and class use. Dedicated computer labs.

Technology requirements and innovations change rapidly. Divine Child Elementary School has a state-approved technology plan which is regularly reviewed to ensure that the needs of students and staff are met.

Technology Highlights

  • State of the art science lab for 7th-8th grade.
  • Two dedicated computer classrooms with thirty computers each
  • Three Laptop carts and one iPad cart with thirty devices for use in any class room
  • Promethean Interactive whiteboards in 4th – 8th grade classrooms
  • All classrooms are equipped with closed circuit broadcasting capabilities and DVD players
  • ELMO document projectors available for all classrooms
  • Newly remodeled Library/Media center