Divine Child Elementary School tuition is billed through FACTS Tuition Management. Electronic tuition payments are processed directly from a checking or savings account on a selected day each month (most often the 5th or 20th of the month). Tuition may be charged to a credit card for a 2.95% convenience fee. To help families with budgetary obligations, a monthly FACTS payment plan is offered with an enrollment fee of $45.

2021-22 Elementary School Tuition Rates:

In-Parish Rates:

$5,050 for one child

$8,150 for two children attending concurrently

$10,250 for three or more children attending concurrently

If a family is registered at Divine Child Church at the time they register at Divine Child Elementary School, the family receives the in-Parish rate for the upcoming school year.

Families interested in joining our parish (church) should email Jodi Ann Micallef at

Out-of-Parish Rate:

$6,250 for one child

$9,350 for two children attending concurrently

$11,450 for three or more children attending concurrently

Annual Registration Fee (non-refundable):

$100 per student

There are three payment plans offered:


Entire amount of tuition paid in May or upon enrollment


50% due in May or upon enrollment, 50% due in August


due in May or upon enrollment with the remainder paid monthly July-April

An Investment in Your Child's Future

Sending a son or daughter to a Catholic school is an investment in your child’s future, and a financial sacrifice for most families. Parental involvement and assistance in the Parent Guild, D.O.V.E.S., fundraisers and other activities helps in keeping school tuition costs down. Each Divine Child Elementary School family is expected to contribute 15 parent service hours each year.