Welcome to DCES Online!

Hello Divine Child Families and Students!
Welcome to the DCES Flexible Learning Platform! We have been hard at work pulling together resources, materials, tutorials, videos and other technology platforms in order to best serve you all with a feeling of community, connectivity and academics.  

Our goals:

  • To try and provide a sense of normalcy and routine in these unsettling times
  • To stay connected as a community rooted in shared values and academics
  • To deliver engaging lessons through a digital platform
  • To increase our technology fluency, staff and students alike
  • To model what it means to take “healthy academic risks” as “a courageous learner”
  • To continue to be kind, patient and understanding, attempting to walk in the footsteps of Christ

What you will find on our site:

  • Centralized landing page for parents to see the expectations and platforms for grades K-8
  • Landing pages for each class
  • Google Classroom Links for Grades 3-8 and ISP
  • Expectations and Contact Information
  • Additional Resources and Tips for Parents and Students in a Digital Learning World and other resources and tips 
Communications you can expect from us (Mr. Courage and Ms. Hable):
  • Updates and Emails 
  • Brief Video Updates for the whole community and individual grade levels
  • Text messages as needed
  • Updated Information on the website:
    • COVID link
    • DCES Student Portal (newly branded DCES) 

How To Contact Us:

  • Phone:  If you call the school lines and select either Mr. Courage or Ms. Hable from the menu, your voice mail will be forwarded to our emails and cell phones.  We will try to return your call / email as quickly as possible (within 24 hours is our goal)
We understand that these next weeks will be a mixture of emotions and our goals for this phase of your child's education are rooted in our Catholic Faith, Catholic Social Justice and Academic Excellence.  We know there are many more questions and we will be working to address these as best we can. Please know that we are here for you all and praying for you all daily.  
Mr. Courage & Ms. Hable

Weekly Schedules for Online Students:

Daily Attendance

To assist with accurate record keeping, every day parents will need to record their child(ren)'s participation via a Google form throughout the school closure. Fill out one form for each child each day.  Date/Time is automatically stamped on each entry.

“Netiquette” aka Etiquette for Digital Learning (on the net!):

  • Participate in class discussions with appropriate, academic language. Make sure to use proper punctuation, spelling, and tone. 

  • Video Conference calls and any Video Submissions should take place in common rooms of your home, with a parent present (nearby) and in appropriate dress code (i.e. no pajamas). Please ensure a quiet and focused environment for both yourself and other participants. 

  • Be patient, if you have questions contact your teacher and then allow 24 hours for them to respond. If you cannot continue working without their help, move onto another subject and return to your assignment once you’ve received help.