Catholic Services Appeal

My brothers and sisters in the Lord,

I love the Catholic Church. I love Divine Child Parish!Why, you may ask? I love the Catholic Church because of its rich and beautiful history, stemming from our founder, Jesus Christ. Over the centuries, the Catholic Church has weathered many bitter and trying storms through scandals, martyrdom and painful transitions. However, the Catholic Church has also witnessed many glorious and triumphant experiences and miracles through the Sacraments of the Church, apparitions by our Blessed Mother and, recently, the Beatification of Fr. Solanus Casey at Ford Field, Detroit. The deep mystery of the faith has challenged us over the centuries and fidelity always wins!Thus, we must confidently move forward in hope.

Archbishop Vigneron, on Pentecost 2017, presented us with a Pastoral Letter, “Unleash the Gospel,”giving us a beautiful template to move the Church of Detroit into a vibrant future. Archbishop Vigneron reminds us that there can be “no bystanders. ”“The new evangelization (the Good News of Jesus Christ) calls for personal involvement on the part of each of the baptized.” (Marker 5.1) I agree. I do not want you or I to be bystanders. If we work together, we are part of salvation history -- the epic love relationship with our God.If we are bystanders, we lose the beauty of our relationship with the Lord and His Church.

“The new evangelization cannot be accomplished from within the walls of our churches.” (Marker 6.1) During Lent, we go out and embrace the mission of the local Church by participating in the CSA (Catholic Services Appeal). Each year on Ash Wednesday, we are reminded by Jesus to “pray, fast and give alms.” During Lent, we use the CSA as our means of responding to the request of almsgiving. I have seen many beautiful realities occur because of the CSA in the Archdiocese. For example, CSA supports the formation of our newly Ordained Priests, the Mass for Shut-ins on Sunday morning television, ministry to college campuses and ministry to our Parish Council and Commissions here at the parish.

As a humble people, we also use CSA to reach the wider Church within the Archdiocese. If each family contributes $300 (or payments of $30/month for 10 months), we will reach our goal of approximately $243,000. That is only $7.50 for each of the 40 days of Lent! If you can give more to help those families who are financially struggling, I would be most grateful. Please visit to donate online by selecting Divine Child Parish.

As we embark on another grace-filled time of Lent, may we be active and engaged in responding to the Lord by our prayer, fasting and almsgiving! We don’t want to be “bystanders.”

In Joyful Anticipation of God’s Grace to come,

Fr. Jim Bilot

Colleen Johnson

Colleen Johnson

Director of Advancement