Code of Conduct

In accordance with the mission statement of the school, which emphasizes deep respect for the human dignity and uniqueness of every individual, each student will be considerate of the rights of others in all interactions. All students are expected to cooperate with the spirit and policies of the school which are designed to foster mature development and personal responsibility. This requires courtesy in all personal relationships, promptness in fulfilling obligations, concern for the environment, and many other factors that the students’ sense of appropriateness will indicate to them. The Principal reserves the right to determine the appropriateness of an action if any doubt arises. Items such as, but not limited to, questionable books and pictures , white-out, knives, guns, matches, cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, any type of tobacco products, radio toys, laser lights, palm pilots, CDs, iPods or other mp3 players, or anything that will detract from a learning situation are not allowed at school. Key chains and toys may not be attached to student back packs. The school Administration, in accordance with state laws, will determine the appropriate disciplinary measures to be taken concerning the presence of these items in the school. Items taken away from students can be requested for return by the parent/guardian.

Each student has the responsibility to develop good work and study habits along with following the school regulations for dress and behavior. The discipline chart helps to focus on the positive aspects of student behavior by listing the basic school-wide rules. It begins with “DIVINE” recognizing our reverence and dependence on God, the Divine Child. Next the acronym for CHILD is vertically explained: C=Courteous actions and speech, H=Hands to self, I=Include others, L=Listen and learn, and D=Dedicated to Divine Child. The discipline chart also reviews what a broken rule would look like. The rest of the chart has descriptions of the possible consequences for behaviors that violate the five school rules. Students are expected to be courteous and respectful to others, including administrators, teachers, parish and school employees, volunteers, parents and students, in all of their interactions. Students who engage in namecalling, threats, bullying, intimidation, or other conduct or communication that has the purpose or effect of creating a hostile, offensive or abusive atmosphere, including such activity in online postings on social-networks, such as Facebook, will be disciplined, up to and including expulsions. If, in the opinion of administration, the partnership is irretrievable broken, the school reserves the right to require the parent to withdraw his or her child. This is a very serious decision that is not made lightly.