K-5 General Music Classes

Students in Grades K-5 attend a weekly music class in which they experience all aspects of music: vocal, instrumental, and movement. The DCES Music Curriculum is aligned to the National and Michigan Music Standards.

Instrumental Music Classes

4th Grade Recorder:
Students in Grade 4 acquire the musical skills to play the recorder as part of their weekly music class and perform in the spring music concert.

Grades 5-8 Band:
Students in Grades 5-8 who enjoy enjoy instrumental music are actively part of the DCES Beginning Band, DCES Intermediate Band, or DCES Junior High Band. All three bands perform in the Christmas and Spring music concerts and Junior High has additional performances. As a member of MSBOA, Junior High students have the opportunity to earn ratings at District Solo and Ensemble Festival, and District Band and Orchestra Festival.

Vocal Music

Students in Grades 4-8 who enjoy vocal music are actively part of either Singing Falcons (Grades 5-8) or the Liturgical Choir (Grades 4-8). All choir students perform in the Christmas and Spring music concerts.

The DCES Liturgical Choir students encourage congregational participation in the Holy Mass by supporting the singing of the Mass and learning new music. Throughout the year, a strong sense of camaraderie grows among student singers through the cycles of rehearsals, concerts, and liturgical observances.